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Chris Ruhe -

Ear on Arm

(…) “His project has been about replicating a bodily structure, relocating it and now re-wiring it for alternate functions. It manifests both a desire to deconstruct our evolutionary architecture and to integrate microminiaturized electronics inside the body. We have evolved soft internal organs to better operate and interact with the world. Now we can engineer additional and external organs to better function in the technological and media terrain we now inhabit. It also sees the body as an extended operational system- extruding its awareness and experience.” (…)

Stelarc -

Vertical/Horizontal Pavillion, 2003

Anish Kapoor -

Reading Space, China

Pavillion by Herzog & Meuron

Sam Winston -

Helena Almeida

Typographic Links

Dan Collier -

Piece of me, 2009

Sannah Kvist -